Find out how we’re coping with coronavirus

While other businesses are able to work remotely and customers won’t see major disruption to their usual service.

What about your friendly, neighbourhood, BusinessRescueExperts?

We spend a lot of our time working with companies and businesses to make their and their employees working lives better but how are we handling the coronavirus pandemic?

What changes have we brought in to ensure a seamless service that still provides the usual expert advice and support our customers need and expect?

We grabbed a minute with Chris Horner, our  Insolvency Director, to ask him how we’ve adapted.

We asked what we’re doing to make sure everything keeps running as smoothly as possible to help us help businesses.

He said: “All of our services continue to be available and we already operate a near paperless system, so our staff are well equipped to work remotely. Clients can already manage nearly all of of our services through a smartphone or tablet if they have the necessary information to hand.

“We have robust working procedures to ensure there’s been no interruption in our services and staff can assist directors, business owners and sole traders offering free initial consultations and formal meetings via voice, telephone or video calls as required by our clients.”

When we asked if there were any enhanced security protocols we’d adopted to give clients additional peace of mind he said: “Staff access our databases through secure encrypted VPNs so data is always secure.  They also work privately, out of earshot of other family members to ensure confidentiality and security.  Frankly the toughest challenge isn’t to fight off hackers but toddlers!

“We’ll send correspondence electronically whenever possible but we have systems in place to allow us  to continue to receive, respond to and send postal correspondence on a daily basis too.”

Still here – to help you and your business

Chris also had a final messages for clients and businesses looking for assistance and advice: “You can pull the word panic from within pandemic and you’ve already seen how easy it is to get swept up in the enormity and emotion of a generational event – especially one with such obvious and immediate consequences for so many companies.

“The most important message we’re giving clients is that we’re continuing to work as hard as ever – without fuss, complaint or panic – to make sure our new and existing customers get the calm, expert help they need to get their business through this situation.”