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As an Independent insolvency practice, we specialise in liquidation, redundancy and other critical rescue and recovery advice.

We know the pressures you’re under and we can help.

Rescuing Your Company

Sometimes it is possible to rescue a company that may seem to be on the verge of going under.

Our team are always on hand to talk you through all of your options and our first thought is to try and salvage a company rather than closing it down, if possible.

Company Voluntary Arrangement

A Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA) is a formal insolvency process agreed
between a company and its creditors where a proportion of debts are often
written off and the company agrees to pay back a lower proportion of the
remaining debt in regular monthly instalments.

Business IVA

A Business Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) is a legal agreement reached between an individual or sole trader to make regular monthly payments on outstanding business and personal debts.

Payments usually last about five years with CCJs, bailiffs and creditor actions all stopped once the arrangement is in place.


Administration is a formal insolvency process that puts a company under the
control of an external administrator to see if the company can be rescued.

Time To Pay

A Time to Pay (TTP) agreement is a legal agreement where a company that owes
money to HMRC agrees to pay regular instalments on an agreed timescale.

Winding Up Petitions

A winding-up petition (WUP) is one of the most serious threats any company can

If ignored, or a judge agrees then it means the compulsory liquidation of the business.

Game Over.

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