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At BusinessRescueExpert we understand that taking the first step to close your company down can be an incredibly difficult one.

We’re on hand to offer sensitive and confidential advice for individuals and company directors alike.

Closing Your Company

We offer a range of solutions from early stage advisory options to formal company liquidation.

Company Voluntary Liquidation

A Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA) is a formal insolvency process.

It’s agreed between a company and its creditors and sees a proportion of debts usually written off.

Members Voluntary Liquidation

A Members Voluntary Liquidation (MVL) is a voluntary closing-down process.

Initiated by the shareholders of a solvent company looking to close
and release cash and assets in the most efficient way.

Compulsory Liquidation

A compulsory liquidation is when a business is forced into liquidation by a court.

Usually caused by a winding up petition for unpaid debts of £750 or over if the court believes the company can’t or won’t repay them.

Company Dissolutions

Company dissolution also known as striking off, is the formal action of closing a company.

The company is dissolved and permanently removed from the Companies House register.

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