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27 July 2021
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12 May 2022
VAT and HMRC arrears can damage even the strongest businesses

As any business owner would acknowledge, some debts are more pressing and some creditors are more important to pay on time than others, with HMRC at the top of both of these lists.  This is why if you have an overdue VAT payment or are having trouble paying your VAT bill then you need to […]

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3 May 2022
Your April business & insolvency news round up

While the cost of living crisis is playing out and the long expected rise in corporate insolvencies finally arrived - it can be hard to keep up with all the other business and insolvency news that happened this month and what other administration, CVA and liquidation stories you have missed this month.  Don’t worry - […]

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26 April 2022
The wave finally arrives - monthly business insolvencies rise to highest level in year

We’re not sure how much vindication can be given to the pundits who’ve been predicting a spike in corporate insolvencies for months because it’s always been likely.   But now The Insolvency Service have published their latest set of monthly company insolvency statistics for the month of March which shows that not only has a spike […]

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20 April 2022
A directors guide to business taxes

Corporation tax, VAT, PAYE and how HMRC handles collection and arrears. As far as HMRC are concerned, the payments coming out of a business in taxes is as important as the money they take in in customer payments but can be far more complicated.  It’s also one of those topics that is assumed that every […]

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14 April 2022
How should a business close down?

 Liquidation and striking off are often used to mean the same thing - closing a company down - but in reality are actually quite different.  Sometimes people mistakenly refer to the phrase “company bankruptcy” when a company closes but this is incorrect. Bankruptcy is only relevant when addressing an individual, partner, or sole trader not […]

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7 April 2022
Could April be the beginning of a waste land for small businesses?

100 years ago, TS Elliot began his epic poem The Waste Land with a phrase that has been pored over and considered by scholars and critics for nearly as long.  “April is the cruellest month”.  Sadly, for many small and medium sized businesses, this centenary is one that could see the famous poet's words ringing […]

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4 April 2022
It might be Spring but business energy price rises will make it feel like Winter

One of the hardest parts of moving through different eras is recognising when things have changed.  Sometimes it’s only after an event that you recognise that things are different and not going to be the same again.  For businesses, this month might be one of those occasions when it’s impossible to ignore that when it […]

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29 March 2022
Your March business and insolvency news round up

Not many business owners and directors would have thought they’d look back on March 2022 as the good old days but with impending trouble coming from several directions at once at the end of the month - they might be.  Energy prices are due to rocket for businesses without the protection of a domestic price […]

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21 March 2022
Rising administration numbers will give businesses more insolvency options

Earlier this week we analysed the latest company insolvency statistics from the Insolvency Service for February and it contained a couple of surprises.  The overall number was slightly lower than January’s total but one underlying trend caught our eye and that was the rise in the number of administrations recorded - 116.  This total is […]

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