Decline in Retail Employment Figures Continues

New figures for retail employment in the UK have been released and to quote the old joke, the only bright spot is at least their consistent.

More UK retail jobs lost









The British Retail Consortium – UK retail’s trade association – announced that there was another fall in retail jobs of 2.3% in Q2 2019 compared to the previous quarter in 2018. 


This is equivalent to approx. 72,000 positions and is the 14th consecutive quarter-to-quarter decline. 


Helen Dickinson, Chief Executive of the British Retail Consortium, said: “We’ve seen retail employment falling across the country.


“Such declines are likely to endure, hastened by government policies that continue to add costs to an industry already under immense pressures.”


As we’ve written previously, online sales are a significant part of the mix already and are only going to increase to the detriment of physical sales.  


As a result, there is less demand for shop staff, their wages and expensive, rented high street stores. 


Automation in the form of self-service checkouts is also a factor which is likely to increase in the coming years. 


The consortium has saved it’s fiercest criticism for business rates saying that while retailers account for 6% of the UK’s GDP, they pay 26% of all business rates. The findings also show that slightly more full time positions have been lost than part time as stores value flexibility and their own roles change: “centered more on customer experience and offering social activities, for which fewer staff are needed.”


Combined with falling consumer spending, the retail sector thinks it could be a great opportunity for the political regime to make its mark. Helen Dickinson said: “With a new prime minister and cabinet in place, there is a clear opportunity to rethink the high street strategy. Business rates pose an unsustainable burden on shops and jobs.”


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