What you need to do to strengthen your business in 2020

Whether you’re a regular churchgoing christian, practice another faith or maintain an attitude of a doubting agnostic or a resolute atheist, there’s something about this time of year that lends itself well to contemplation and conclusion. 

Most people have had some sort of break over the festive holidays and a chance to think about the bigger issues that they simply don’t have time for during regular working days. 

Business owners especially have their attention pulled eight different ways so it can be a vital chance for them to take the time to properly look at their business holistically and think about what they want to achieve both this year and beyond. 

It’s not necessarily all about expansion and growth. If your business has been struggling to balance the books then it could be a vital chance to look at the bigger picture and see what short or medium term changes you can bring to bear that could change the outlook for the better. 

Alternatively, this period might have brought a personal epiphany – that business is or has been as good as it’s going to get and that you won’t need hindsight to see that 2020 is going to be an eventually insurmountable battle against various tides, any one of which could swamp you.

Sometimes the hardest part of a decision is recognising that its got to be made. After this, everything else can be straightforward including orderly closing a business

If this sounds like a conversation you’ve been having with yourself recently then it’s time to get in touch with us. 

Trying to close through a company liquidation without expert guidance and advice can be expensive while other options like administration might not be appropriate

However the alternative may be even more costly, not only for your business, but where personal liabilities may also arise for not taking action.

We can arrange a convenient free initial conversation with one of our experienced expert advisors to look at your situation holistically. 

All our liquidation advice and suggestions will be tailored specifically to you, your situation and how it can best fit in with your timescales and plans. 

If running your business has been holding you back from new ventures and adventures then let us help you close down your current business and let you start pursuing your next goal sooner.