What can you do to improve now you have the time?

Every business can tighten up some procedures, streamline processes and look to become more efficient but the actual change of the season and wider events may concentrate thoughts on a higher, more philosophical level. 
Why does anybody start a business? Really?
To make a living and earn profits? To fulfill a desire or dream? To learn new skills and duties? To have fun?
Unsurprisingly, the daily and weekly reality of making decisions and actually running a company means some of these initial founding motivations can be forgotten or lost and a natural yearly turning point like a change of season or public holidays encourages the owner to rethink and reappraise. 
Some owners will be happy with their progress and will return to work reinvigorated and ready to work even harder.  Others may see areas for improvement and will welcome the chance to approach things in a different way now they’ve had the time and space to step back and have a holistic look at the company. 
Some will also decide that maybe it’s time to move on and try something new. 
Not every business can be Kongo Gumi, the Japanese construction company that has been running continuously for 1,400 years and is considered to be the oldest in the world. 
Sometimes economics dictates that a business is coming to the end of its natural lifespan, other times it’s personal circumstances or legal changes to the sector that make running a profitable business impossible. 
It could even be a huge societal change or challenge such as the coronavirus Covid-19 that appears suddenly but changes everything.
If you now think that it’s the perfect time to make a change and want to know what your options are for closing a business, realising assets and moving on – get in touch with us
One of our expert advisors will arrange a free, initial consultation at a convenient time to discuss your situation and plans and explore what options would be best for you. 
Whether it’s through Members Voluntary Liquidation, a Company Dissolution or even if your business would continue to owe creditors, there is an appropriate solution available – contact us and we’ll find it together so by the time spring turns to summer, you could be moving onto your next adventure.