Everything you need to know

Of course, 2020 will be remembered as anything but a normal year but as the lockdown is beginning to ease and be removed and schools are preparing to open in early September things might be looking a little like how we remembered them.
This includes the various Coronavirus business support schemes, loans and grants the government put in place to help businesses mitigate the worst of the effects of the pandemic and the necessary public response.
The deadline for applications to the Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme (CBILS) is quickly approaching, currently set for 30th September, and while the deadline for the Bounce Back Loan Scheme (BBLS) is set for 4th November, time appears to be moving quicker this year and will be on us sooner than you think.
To date over 1.2 million businesses have accessed funding worth approx. £52.65 billion through the various schemes which has been welcome to applicants but was never intended to be a permanent solution to what the government hopes is a one-off turbulent period.
That’s not to say that customers and consumers will see it like that regardless of their own personal working circumstances.
Those that continue to have a job might look around at the economic circumstances and decide to pull in their spending meaning that Autumn might be as tough a season for UK businesses as Summer has been.

Act while you still have the time

One thing disaster preparedness experts always stress is to take action before the storm arrives and not be caught out trying to make repairs during it.
This is the perfect time to get in touch with us and book your free initial consultation. 
We can help you shore up your company’s defences right now and help you look for opportunities to strengthen the business and the balance sheet too.
Whether you’re looking at a full restructure process, administration and insolvency advice or just want some expert advice on what options you think you’ve got – we’ll be able to help.
The important thing is to make the preparations now so you know what you’ve got to do rather than be scrambling around if real trouble arrives later in the year.