Everything you need to know right now

There is the liminal “SALE!” approaches which tell you straight what’s on sale and what a good deal it is right now which everyone can recognise.

There are also the more subtle, subliminal ones, usually for aftershave or lifestyle products, where you can watch an advert ten times and still not be entirely sure what product it’s advertising.

There used to be ads which were effectively drama series in themselves – Gold BlendOXO and BT – where the product became secondary to what happened to the characters we’d come to know and like despite their cult-like adherence to coffee or gravy.

Now we’re used to hyper-targeted social ads, based on your web browsing history, which is why your phone or tablet seems to read your mind.

If you search for a product on a shopping site, these are why you’ll be seeing nothing but ads for it for the next fortnight.

Then there’s the examples of people who’ve used a product and they’ve been a great success for them – which brings us nicely to something you’ve probably heard a lot about recently – CVAs.

Company Voluntary Arrangements to give them their full name are about to become the most popular business survival and restructuring method for the rest of this year and early next.

That might seem like a bold prediction given that we are currently enjoying historically low levels of company insolvencies, liquidations and administrations.

The reasons for this aren’t economic certainty or a booming and secure market – quite the opposite.

It’s a mix of temporary government suspension of recovery methods – which are about to be lifted – and the court system running at a minimal reduced capacity due to the effects of lockdown working through the system.

The resumption of creditor actions including using bailiffs and courts working their way through the backlog as staff tentatively return to their workplaces means that there will likely be a sharp spike in demand for CVAs and other proven ways to protect a business while it restructures itself and gets ready to reemerge into the post-Covid-19 economy.


Even the most usually profitable and well-run businesses are facing an unprecedented outlook because these aren’t going to be usual trading conditions for some time.

Costs, expenses and debts may have been accrued over the past six months while income hasn’t been incoming so there is an imbalance that has to be accounted for.

A CVA not only provides flexibility and a better degree of certainty to creditors, staff and company directors but allows them to continue to trade and operate whilst taking the necessary actions to provide the best chance of a return and a future for the company.

During the rest of September and October, many businesses will be looking closely at a CVA and weighing their options.

Our advice is to act quickly now to make sure that any CVA can be begun and be underway before more businesses start to fail and the rest look for immediate help and support.

The more companies entering administration and looking to renegotiate debts, rents and other liabilities means delays in reaching agreements and working through the proper time scale and structure of a CVA – at a time when time itself is critical.

The smartest course of action is to be prepared.

Get in touch with us today to arrange a free initial virtual consultation with one of our expert advisors. We can work with you to assess your situation, help you prioritise what you need to do now and help you meet your most pressing commitments.

Even if you don’t decide to pursue a CVA immediately, we can help you do the groundwork so if it becomes the preferred option, we’ve already done the hard work and information gathering so we can act for you swiftly when you need us to.

The best time to enter a lifeboat is while it’s still onboard the main ship. Contact us now to secure your place before your competitors do.